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Our Vision

At Jadex, we are dedicated to developing and launching sustainable product solutions, minimizing our carbon footprint, and playing an active role in the lives of our associates and the communities in which they work and reside.

Jadex 2025 Goals ‡


  • Zero Injury Incident Rate 
  • 50% Female and/or Diverse Mangers in the U.S. 
  • 100% Gender Pay Equity* (hourly) 
  • 35,000 Hours of Community Service Annually


  • 50% of products (by sales) incorporate materials that are renewable or derived from circular processes 
  • 100% of plastic packaging will be refillable, recyclable, compostable and/or incorporate 30% recycled or bio-based content


  • 10% reduction in GHG emissions (Scope 1 & 2) 
  • 10% reduction in use of potable water for factory non-contact process applications 
  • Increase share of electricity from renewable sources (Percent of kWh) 
  • 25% diversion of waste from landfill

2021/2022 ESG Report


“Our entire Jadex organization is diligently focused on pursuing environmental and community stewardship.”

— David Moody, CEO


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Note: Improvements/reductions are based on a 2021 baseline. 
‡These are company targets and do not constitute a guarantee. 
*Pay equity analysis and target setting for salaried workers will be evaluated in 2023.