Commercial / Industrial Manufacturing

From insulated shipping containers made from renewable bio-based resources to conductive fibers that improve the durability of industrial clothing, the material-science leaders at Jadex, and our suite of companies, create innovative solutions that make a material difference every day across a wide range of industries.


Our scientists and engineers create building materials that help maintain structural integrity.
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We are helping drive innovations that make engines start faster, headlights shine brighter, and vehicles safer to operate, with applications such as fuse protective systems and leaf spring inner-liners for noise reduction.
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Our Cathodic Protection systems use superior engineering and the dynamic capabilities of zinc to preserve vital infrastructure from corrosion.
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Polymers & Filaments

Our engineered nylons, performance monofilaments, and conductive fibers build on 125-plus years of experience to create dependable solutions.

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Zinc Strip

As the world’s leading coin blank manufacturer and the largest manufacturer of zinc strip in the United States, we harness the power of zinc in ways no one else can.

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Cold Chain Shipping

Our Lifoam Envirocooler® shippers keep temperature-sensitive products safe and secure with zero changes to your distribution channels. Made of 100% bio-based resources, our Bioffex™ technology can provide the added benefit of a shipper that will industrial compost in just three to four weeks. †

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†  Industrial Compost – Bioffex™ materials met the requirements to be considered "compostable" as judged by ASTM D6400-19, designed to mimic the conditions of Industrial Composting facilities. Disintegration testing showed that Bioffex material visually disappears within 3-4 weeks. Ecotoxicity testing and the chemical composition testing found no hazardous residue.  Tests were done by an independent third-party lab.  Industrial composting facilities may not exist in your area.

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