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Jadex is more than meets the eye. The Jadex operating companies include Alltrista, LifeMade, Shakespeare, and Artazn, four organizations that together have more than 300 years of material-science innovation, creativity, and expertise. 

Alltrista specializes in innovative, high-volume, precision manufacturing for the medical, consumer packaging, and high-end industrial markets. From medicine bottles and child-resistant caps to suture trays, Alltrista makes rigid packaging and custom molded solutions that help protect those most precious to us.

Committed to an “out with the old, in with the new” way of product development, we constantly challenge ourselves with a customer-tailored business development approach, exceeding our partners’ expectations and positively impacting lives. We are professional problem-solvers who embrace every opportunity for a healthier tomorrow. 

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LifeMade is a market leader of temperature-control packaging and disposable tabletop products across the consumer, commercial and healthcare industries.

For commercial and healthcare customers, LifeMade’s Lifoam® suite of advanced thermal shipper technologies keeps temperature-sensitive products, like food and vaccines, protected and secure with minimal impact to existing distribution channels. Our trusted Propak gel packs keep content cold no matter which insulation technology you choose for your shipper. To enhance the sustainability of your supply chain, our Bioffex technology is made from 100% bio-based materials, industrial composts in just three to four weeks, and is just as reliable as an expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipper.

LifeMade creates solutions for everyday needs and believes innovation starts with collaboration and sustainable intentions. That’s how our team creates new ways to transition single-use, everyday plastics to more sustainable, everyday innovations.

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Shakespeare is a leading manufacturer of engineered nylons, performance monofilaments, and conductive fibers, lawn and garden products, and specialty antennas. From healthcare, automotive and consumer products to military and marine electronics to biodegradable trimmer line, Shakespeare can be found in thousands of products the world depends on every day.

As a global, integrated provider of engineered material science solutions, Shakespeare is recognized for its innovation and expertise, supported by patented proprietary technologies.

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Artazn is the largest manufacturer of zinc strip in North America, a leading global supplier of plated coin blanks, and utilizes recycled zinc in its products. Our zinc is used for coin blanks by mints around the world, it restores bridges, boosts cars, and bolsters high-rises. We continuously recycle, reuse, and repurpose our zinc, delivering innovative solutions that make a material difference.

Artazn has been working with zinc for over 130 years, and our visionaries and craftsmen are transforming this fundamental element into new everyday essentials. We harness the power of zinc to unlock its potential and achieve even greater performance and possibilities for our customers and the world.

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Makers of News

Our dynamic leadership, constant innovation, and endless commitment to sustainability continue to push the material-science world forward. Learn about our industry-leading expertise and how it can change you and your businesses for the better.

LifeMade Receives 2024 Bronze Rating from EcoVadis

LifeMade has received the 2024 Bronze Medal Sustainability rating from EcoVadis. This rating places LifeMade in the top 35% of assessed companies, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. President and CEO Brian Searfoss emphasized the company's dedication to advancing its sustainability efforts.

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Artazn Receives 2024 Silver Rating from EcoVadis

Artazn earned a 2024 Silver Medal Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis, placing in the 86th percentile. EcoVadis evaluates companies on Environment, Ethics, Labor and Human Rights, and Procurement, and has rated over 130,000 companies since 2007. Artazn's ranking demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. President Mike Schubert praised the team's dedication to upholding high standards.

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Bioffex® Technology Wins US Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award for Compostability

Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC, proudly announces its reception of the 2024 US Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award in the Compostability category.

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Jadex Inc. Recognized as U.S. Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher For Second Year in a Row

Jadex Inc. was identified as an organization that excelled in implementing successful strategies for managing people and programs.

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