Consumer Goods

As material-science innovators, we create products that better the lives of consumers while also protecting the environment. We use less to give you more, designing and engineering essential goods that make a material difference - one fork, cooler, and spool of trimmer line at a time.

Retail & Food Service

Straws you can toss in your home compost bin and single-use spoons that are lighter — see how our everyday innovations have made us the market leader in disposable tabletop products.

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We provide reliable, high-performance antennas and communications systems for marine connectivity you can always count on.

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Temperature Control

Our coolers and reusable ice substitutes keep food and drinks cold while on-the-go.

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Lawn & Garden

Our outdoor products are engineered to exceed expectations, such as biodegradable trimmer lines that also offer increased durability and allow for longer runtimes.

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 When disposed of in an anaerobic landfill environment, the amount of degradation is dramatically increased as compared to conventional trimmer line. Within one year it could biodegrade 24% compared to less than 1% with conventional trimmer line per ASTM D5511 testing method, making it more environmentally friendly. Anaerobic landfills may not exist in your area. Note that the stated rate and extent of degradation do not mean the product will continue to decompose. Trimmer line remnants left in the yard may not necessarily experience this same level of biodegradation. The results of these tests are still pending. Not for sale in California, Maryland, Michigan, or Washington.

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Keep up with Jadex and learn how our innovations can help you make a material difference.