Materials that matter,
innovations that endure.

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As a material-science thought leader and manufacturer, Jadex is driven to innovate essential product solutions that support the health of consumers and the environment.

A material difference for a sustainable future.

At Jadex, we create solutions based on your needs. We are your partners, your industry experts, your problem solvers. Our dynamic group of companies each innovate with intent, manufacture solutions that help reduce waste, recirculate materials, and regenerate nature. These are just some of the ways that Jadex makes a material difference every day.

Our Process

Our Role

We are the catalyst, turning problems into solutions that allow our partners and consumers to use materials more effectively and responsibly.

Our People

Our People

We are makers dedicated to transforming materials into essential products that help improve lives and reshape the future. 

Our Products

Our Products

We strive to make practical and sustainable solutions. We create more from less, always with an eye on tomorrow.

The cornerstones of our success: Meet the four Jadex operating companies that make a material difference every day.

From high-quality medicine bottles to certified child-resistant caps that help give parents peace of mind, Alltrista’s pharmaceutical, consumer health, and industrial applications are everywhere.

We craft coolers including those from bio-based renewable resources. Our straws and cutlery are stronger and we now have options that are both home and industrial compostable. We do more with less, always with the future in mind.

From healthcare, automotive, and consumer products to military and marine electronics, and even lawn care essentials, Shakespeare can be found in thousands of products the world depends on every day.
Masters of zinc, Artazn is more than coins. Our zinc products help restore bridges, build homes, and bolster high-rises. We recycle, reuse, and repurpose our zinc, continuously innovating solutions that make a material difference.

Makers of News

Our dynamic leadership, constant innovation and endless commitment to sustainability continue to push the materials-science world forward. Learn about our industry-leading expertise, and how it can change you and your businesses for the better.

Bioffex® Technology Wins US Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award for Compostability

Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC, proudly announces its reception of the 2024 US Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award in the Compostability category.

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Jadex Inc. Recognized as U.S. Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher For Second Year in a Row

Jadex Inc. was identified as an organization that excelled in implementing successful strategies for managing people and programs.

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Alltrista Receives Silver Rating from EcoVadis

Alltrista received a 2023 Silver Medal Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis. The rating puts Alltrista in the 88th percentile of all companies assessed.

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New Degradation Data

Lifoam Industries releases new degradation data on Bioffex™, a 100% bio-based foam technology for cold chain shipping.

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Are you an innovator? A problem solver? Or simply looking to be part of an organization that is making a material difference? Join the Jadex team.


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